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  • Why MESA?
    The mission of MESA is to raise awareness for charitable causes in San Diego—by partnering local charities with Aztec student athletes who choose to use their social media platforms and influence to bring awareness to organizations, helping the San Diego community thrive while deepening the connection between San Diego and Aztec student athletes. M-E-S-A, Mentoring & Empowering Student Athletes.
  • How is MESA funded and where do donations go?
    MESA is 100% donor driven. Donors can contribute to MESA to support student athletes’ efforts to promote community charity partners.
  • What is MESA’s organizational and leadership structure?
    The advisory board includes local business leaders, dedicated Aztec alumni and supporters, as well as former Aztec student athletes: • Jeff Smith • Peter Elia • Tommy Morris • Tom Newton • Mike Lalich • DJ Gay • Jason Tetley Associate Board Members • Jeff Goodall Jr. • Sam Flaming •Nolan Narain
  • How is MESA different from other NIL organizations?
    • While most organizations involved with NIL promote commercial enterprises, our primary purpose is to support charitable organizations that help the San Diego community thrive. By partnering with MESA, student athletes can use their platform to raise awareness for charitable causes. • MESA is a 501(c)(3) organization. Donations to MESA are tax deductable. • MESA is a way for student athletes to bond with all aspects of the San Diego community and MESA helps the San Diego community get to know the student athletes on a personal level. • MESA aims to educate athletes on the importance of giving back to their communities.
  • What is NIL?
    On the heels of the Supreme Court ruling in June of 2021 related to financial benefits to student athletes, the NCAA adopted an interim rule opening the opportunity for athletes to be able to earn compensation for their name image & likeness.
  • What are the regulations around NIL?
    There are only a few NIL requirements set out by the NCAA and MESA has adhered to all of them. MESA has adopted additional guidelines that we think create a better, and more complete experience for the student athlete not required by the NCAA.
  • Is there a limit to how much a college athlete can earn?
    No, there is not a limit to what an athlete can earn for their name, image, and likeness. MESA strives to fairly compensate student athletes for the reach and positive impact they can make for community charity partners via their platform.
  • How does MESA help the San Diego community?
    Our primary purpose is to support local charities while creating rewarding experiences for Aztec student athletes in the pursuit of helping the San Diego community.
  • How does a charity qualify to work with a student athlete? What is the criteria?
    • All charities operating in California are eligible. • Any 501(c)(3) can apply to partner with MESA.
  • Is there a geographic boundary for charitable work? Could a charity from Los Angeles qualify, as an example.
    Our goal is to stay within San Diego however some exceptions can be made.
  • Why Donate?
    Donors further our mission of helping student athletes use their platform and to raise awareness for San Diego’s local charities and non-profit organizations while directly helping the individual student athletes.
  • Why contribute to MESA vs other organizations or booster clubs?
    Donors can donate wherever they choose. MESA serves a different purpose than other booster clubs and organizations surrounding student athletes. It is a direct benefit to the individual student athletes that are selected to participate in MESA.
  • How are student athletes chosen to work with MESA?
    Student athletes with large platforms or a recognizable presence who want to help local non-profit organizations are chosen.
  • Do student athletes have to qualify for the program? If so, what are the criteria?
    We want to partner with student athletes who are interested in helping the San Diego community and want to lend a helping hand in making the community thrive.
  • How many hours will a student be required to volunteer? How long is their commitment?
    The board of MESA will determine the hours and the length of each student athlete agreement. Volunteer experiences will keep in consideration the demands of the student athlete in particular avoiding any events during Aztec finals in the winter and spring.
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Coaches Talk MESA

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