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What is MESA?

MESA (Mentoring and Empowering Student-Athletes) is the official Name, Image and Likeness (NIL) partner for San Diego State basketball.

How are you funded?

MESA is 100% funded by contributions from Aztec Nation, SDSU alumni, community members and supporters of the SDSU Basketball programs.

How can I give?

Donors can contribute directly to SDSU basketball student-athletes by joining MESA Foundation with a tax deductible gift or by purchasing a MESA Experience Membership. MESA Experience unlocks “member-only” benefits and opportunities to interact with Aztec basketball.

Is MESA affiliated with San Diego State University?

MESA is an independent organization that operates as both a 501(c)(3) non-profit and California Registered Corporation that works directly with SDSU basketball student-athletes to leverage their Name, Image, and Likeness for positive community impact. MESA is the official NIL partner of San Diego State Athletics. Any gifts or contributions made to MESA do not qualify for Aztec Club member benefits or priority points or cumulative giving recognition. 

How does MESA help connect Aztec Basketball student-athletes with the San Diego community?

Our primary purpose is to support local charities while creating rewarding experiences and meaningful relationships for student-athletes in the pursuit of helping the San Diego community.

How does a charity qualify?

All charities operating in California are eligible. Any 501(c)(3) can apply to partner with MESA.

Why should we support?

Supporters further our mission of helping student-athletes use their platform and to raise
awareness for San Diego’s local charities and non-profit organizations while directly helping
the individual student-athletes.

What is considered a NIL activity?

NIL activities involve the use of a student-athlete’s name, image, or likeness for promotional purposes by a third party not associated with the NCAA or an NCAA institution such as: 

  • Camps and private lessons hosted by student-athletes

  • Social media and other promotions 

  • Personal appearances at businesses, conferences, camps, parties, TV ads, radio ads, print ads 

  • Autographs 

  • Apparel sales

How many hours will a student be required to volunteer?

MESA will determine the hours and the length of each student-athlete agreement. All events and commitments will take into consideration the time and demands of the student-athlete and avoid any events during SDSU finals week.

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