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Heaven's Windows and SD Food Bank Event

MESA Foundation announces the involvement in the upcoming Community Food Distribution Event hosted by Heaven’s Windows in partnership with the San Diego Food Bank to be held on December 27th at the New Season’s Church (2300 Bancroft Drive, Spring Valley). The 11 MESA athletes and members of the SDSU Men’s Basketball Team will be on hand to assist in all aspects of the event. They will also be posting about their involvement on social media leading up to the 27th. By using their platforms they will help bring awareness to this great cause and event. The San Diego Food Bank with local partners like Heaven’s Window continue to make a huge impact on the lives of the countless number of San Diego area residents by providing nutritious food to individuals and families in need. Last year, the Food Bank distributed 63 Million pounds of food, and the Food Bank serves on average of 500,000 people per month in San Diego County through its partnerships with food distribution sites like the one being held on the 27th at the New Season’s Church.

More information on San Diego Food Bank:

More information on Heaven's Window:

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